The Kindergarten round up is March 15th from 9 to 10:30 a.m. If your student will be Transitional Kindergarten or Kindergarten in fall of 2017-18 please join us for breakfast , orientation , classroom visit and tour of the school.   To enroll in TK your student must be 5 between 9/2/17 and 12/2/17  and for Kindergarten student must be 5 by 9/1/17.  Packets are available in the school office.  Required documents: Enrollment form, Birth Certificate, Complete up-to-date Immunizations, proof of address and copy of IEP (if applicable) . If you live in the Redding School District but not Manzanita zone, you must complete an Intra-District form  or if you live out of the Redding School District, you must complete an Inter-district before you can enroll.

We have made arrangements with Shasta Union High School District Transportation to have the new Kindergarten students and their parents ride the regular Kindergarten bus to the school and back.  This will give the children the experience of riding the school bus for the first time with their parents.  The bus is scheduled to pick up students and parents at the following stops:


BUS STOP                                       PICK-UP       TAKE-HOME

West St. & 11th (NE)                         8:30                10:40

Overhill & Pioneer                            8:34                10:44

Sunflower & Buenaventura              8:38                10:48

Lakeside & Greenhaven                  8:41                10:51

Wisconsin & Travona                      8:44                10:54

Meander & Wisconsin                     8:47                10:57

Teton & Crescent Moon                   8:51                11:01

Arrive/Leave Manzanita School        8:58                10:35